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The future of finance

Help people take control of their finances with a bespoke mobile app!


Personal finance apps are really growing in popularity, especially with people looking to save now more than ever before.  AJ Development have experience in creating finance management apps that are flexible and creative.


Suitable for iOS and Android, our tailor-made apps will help you grow your business and offer subscription based support to your clients, helping them grow their savings and managing their spending!

Why create a personal finance app?

Offering online banking for mobiles is now not enough in the finance industry. The growth of personal finance apps is rapidly increasing as people want to learn more about managing their money, monitoring their spending and increasing their savings. Through offering a bespoke app, your financial business can get ahead of the competition and offer a unique subscription based app that helps you foster a community of money makers.


Our Features

Features You Will Love

The features you want to include will be specific to your app and the way in which you support your clients. Here are just some ideas of ways to make your app fit for purpose:


Spending tracking

 We can build a feature for your app to track client spending throughout the month. Your app can then offer insights, comparing month-on-month and categories to give advice and encourage them to stay on track and meet their financial goals.


Automatic savings

Why not go that extra mile and help your clients build up their savings by automatically adding some of their money to their savings? This builds up their savings quicker and with minimal effort, so they’ll thank your business for it later!


Budget setting

Help your customers control their spending by allowing them to set budgets for each spending category. We can add unique features to send them notifications when they are close to budget so they are always in the know.



Adding loyalty features to your finance app will help it stand out from the crowd. Offer your customers rewards for meeting their financial goals and they’ll be more likely to carry on their subscription and work with you.

Ready to invest in your customers?

All of our work is tailored to your business, your goals and your clients, so get in touch to discuss your ideas and the features that could make your app a success! 

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