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Build your community

Transform your fitness business with a bespoke mobile app, tailored to your business and brand!


AJ Development has extensive experience in creating apps that meet the dynamic and creative needs of the fitness industry.


Suitable for iOS and Android, our tailor-made apps will help you grow your fitness community, support your clients and create an app that is suitable for your unique brand.


Are you a PT or fitness enthusiast looking for the next step?

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Our Features

Features You Will Love

The features you want to include will be specific to your app and the way in which you support your clients. Here are just some ideas of ways to make your app fit for purpose:


Personalised Plans

Design custom workout plans for your clients based on their goals, levels and preferences of time or frequency. From strength training to yoga, we have experience in developing apps which are simple and enjoyable for your customers to use.


Goal Getting

Work with your clients to achieve their goals with ease. We can work with you to build a feature that allows you and your clients to set and track their fitness goals. They can then monitor progress and see how they're growing closer to their goals!


Food Features

Nutrition is an important part of a fitness journey, so why not include a feature for this in your fitness app? From recipe sections that you can easily edit and update, to food tracking sections, we can build a feature that helps you work with clients on nutrition goals as well as exercise.


Stream with success

Want to create video content for your clients to workout alongside you? A streaming feature will allow your clients to stream your video workouts, whether pre-recorded or live, to feel like they’re in the gym or studio with you.


Client Community

A great way to enhance your fitness brand is to build a community of people who can support one another on their journey. Include features like social feeds, forums and places where your clients can share advice and celebrate their wins.

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All of our work is tailored to your business, your goals and your clients, so get in touch to discuss your ideas and the features that could make your app a success!

Are you ready to transform your fitness business?

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