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Our Work

We have a wealth of experience in creating apps for a variety of customer needs. From finance to fitness, games to golf, we can build any app to suit your business and your aspirations. These are just just a few examples of our most recent projects.

OYG - Fitness Application

We developed a leading fitness and nutrition application OYG, which includes workout videos, nutritional recipes, ability to schedule recipes in a meal plan also add workouts into a repeatable playlist.

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Monthly (Coming Soon)

Monthly is the perfect way to keep track of your incomings and outgoings by tracking your balance over the course of a month so you can see where you will be at each point of the month.


Experience the ultimate Premier League prediction game with Gameweek! Create your own league, invite your friends, and showcase your football knowledge in a fun and competitive way.

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Music Roulette

This game is perfect for a night in with friends, when you're unsure of how to pick a playlist to suit everyone's taste! Add everyone in, each pick a song and then enjoy listening and guessing who chose which tune!

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Owe was a project to help users keep track of their personal finances. The app has the capability to track upcoming payments and amounts owed to you, plus a calendar feature to have a monthly overview.

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Switch Up

This project is a game that will keep you addicted, trying to beat your high score again and again! The game was built to keep your ball on the move, whilst avoiding obstacles and trying to collect coins on the way!

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