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7 steps to creating the perfect mobile app

When working with AJ Development to build a bespoke mobile app, it’s important that we collaborate with you to understand your business objectives and goals for this app and how it will be used. 

To take you through how we work together, from the beginning all the way through, our team have shared the 7 simple steps involved in the development process. 

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1. Scoping the work

Once you’ve enquired with us, we will arrange an initial meeting to discuss the requirements. This will include what type of app you need, an introduction to your business and the timeline you would need us to work towards. We will want to know how you imagine your customers would use the app, what you hope the app will do (the goals behind it) and how you feel it will benefit both your business and your clients. 

2. Proposal 

Our initial proposal will then take into account all of the areas we have discussed with you and share with you what we could offer. This will include features that we could create, similar apps we have created before and how AJ Development fits the bill. We will also then tell you if we can deliver within the timeline you need and provide the quote. 

3. Technical proposal

The technical proposal is a more in depth proposal stage in the project. Here we analyse exactly what it is that we will be delivering, the features that we will need to build and how they will be used and how we will deliver it. Don’t worry about being techie, we talk you through each step so that it all makes perfect sense and you’re aware of every part of the project. 

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4. The Design

The front end design is the next step and a very important part of designing the perfect mobile app as it needs to reflect your business and brand. During this phase we will share various designs with you which use your brand and visual identity. We will explore different options for the layout and discuss how we envisage users will interact with the app. 

5. The development

Once we have decided on how it will look, we need to make it work! During the technical proposal we will have discussed the sections and features within the app and then we will have designed this during the next phase. In this development stage, our team will work on the backend development to make the app functional and work as discussed.

6. Short sprints

During the project, once the design and development work are underway we will run multiple short sprints to test smaller deliverables. AJ Development prefers to do these shorter sprints with small deliveries to keep the project and the team focussed on individual key outcomes and avoid one large test at the end. 

7. Sign off and Support

Once the app has been built, tested and tested again we are ready to sign it off, complete the project and launch your very own app! 

Following this stage, the team are on hand for future support and maintenance as and when required to give you peace of mind that your app will remain in good hands! 

If you’re curious about building a bespoke app for your business, why not get in touch with us for a free, no string attached chat? We will be able to talk to you about your ideas, how we may be able to help and share our insights and expertise to show how a mobile app can take your business to the next level. 


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